Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Tale:

REAL DATE WRITTEN: Feruary 25, 2010

So I've finally decided! Unlike most girls, I don't want to live a fairytale, I don't want that so called "fairytale" ending. Yeah, I know that sounds completely odd and crazy. But the truth is fairytales aren't real, so why should I want one anyways. Yeah, I mean you do get that perfect ending, they lived happily ever after! But is that what you really want. Because my thing is I don’t want a perfect ending, I want my ending to end the way it should, a unique ending different from everyone else’s, maybe even a exciting ending just my ending no one else’s. You see in all fairytales they all happened and end the same way. I want a different ending, a new and different setting, you know? Yes I do want to feel like a princess but only in my own way. I want to mess up, I don’t want everything to go perfect. True fully my ending will probably end all messed up but hey who cares, it would mean I lived a messed up, crazy, exciting life and nothing was perfect, or like anybodies life and that’s how life should be. Fairytales are great, but I want to make my own tale. I want people to see that my life wasn’t perfect and nothing worked like it should of, but for them to see I had my own tale different from any fairytale, I had a Sabrina’s Tale. I think you should join me in your own tale, fall in love, have an imperfect life, let things go wrong, have your own tale, not someone else’s.

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