Sunday, March 28, 2010

All Because I Danced:

DATE WRITTEN: March 24, 2010

So I tried it today. I tried to dance in the rain, and I'm pretty sure I did it without it being soo hard. It was easy. I was my crazy old self again. I loved it. I loved dancing in my heavy rain storm and I loved knowing that Satan hated it. I loved that Satan didn't get the pleasure of watching me sitting there doing nothing, like he wanted. I loved that i let God over come my storm and let him help me to dance. He helped me through my day, dancing away. He gave me a lesson in my bible class just for me. He helped me to not just smile but to laugh loudly through my day. He helped me keep my humor, through this stormy day. He let me see the light through all the darkness that had came. I really loved dancing in the rain. But I think since I did dance, since I didn't let Satan get the pleasure, since I let God in. He spoke the words that lead the storm away. My friend had told me she realized what she had done; that she realized that it wasn't the right thing to do. She had realized our friendship was too great to give away. He led the storm, the lightening, the thunder, and all the hell away. He took all the pain away. He brought the sunshine and repaired my "bump in the road" all because I danced in the rain.


  1. Man, girlfriend, I LOVE your thinking!!!!! I love your outlook on life. And mostly, I do LOVE your determination to dance!!!! Incredible! Life is what you make of it. You can decide to roll over and die, or climb the obstacles that life lays in front of you.... with God, making the most of every situation that your day brings. I am greatly encouraged by you!

    I LOVE you crazily!

  2. What an amazing post! I am so happy you danced in the rain and rubbed the dirt in Satan's face!

    I am here from your mama's blog! Nice to meet you!!!

  3. Amen! Well spoken. :) Dance Dance Dance! :)